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How to order new services?
How to order new services?

This article provides the steps on how to order new services.

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  1. Log in to the client area using your registered credentials.

  2. On the top navigation bar, click on the "Services" option. This will open a dropdown menu.

  3. Click on the "Order New Services" option. This will navigate you to the "Order New Services" page.

  4. Select the desired service(s) you wish to order. On the right side, a widget showing the "Order Summary" will be showing the service(s) selected and the totals.

  5. Scroll down to "Billing Details" and confirm your billing details. If the billing details do not exist or you want a new billing details, click on "Create a New Account" under "Billing details" and fill in the Personal Information, Billing Address and Account Security details.

  6. After completing step 5, scroll down to "payment details" and select a payment option you'd like to use.

  7. Once complete, check the "I have read and agreed to eXact Digital's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy" after reading them and then click on the "Checkout" button on the "Order Summary" widget and proceed with the payment.

Once payment is complete, you can view your new service(s) by clicking on "Services" on the top navigation menu which will open a dropdown menu and then clicking on the "My Services" option. This will navigate you to the "My Products & Services" page which shows you all the service(s) you have.

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